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Derek relished the feel of Stiles’s skin beneath his fingers, the taste of him on his tongue. His hands continued sliding down Stiles’s torso, blunt nails scraping gently at his skin here and there. He rocked his hips down into the other’s, a low groan escaping him, then his fingers were working his pants open.

He pulled his lower lip between his teeth. Arching his head back as his hips raised up, trying to garner more friction. Rocking against him. Another soft groan escaped him. He was more than happy to aid him any way he could. Lifting his hips as he unbuttoned his jeans and began sliding them off. “Derek.” He beathed.

Surprise Prom Date || Derek&Stiles



Derek smiled warmly as Stiles spoke and he chuckled quietly. He sipped at his own water before giving a soft sigh.

"We were both concerned about the distance thing?" he offered as one reason. "And I kind of figured you would prefer finding someone closer to your age, someone you could spend some real time with? Not to mention words aren’t exactly my forte," he mused, offering another smile.

Frankly even before he’d said it, he could think of about a million different reasons why at least on his end he didn’t tell Derek he had feelings for him. “I don’t know.” he said with a hum. “I mean…the distance thing sucks. But that’s not why I didn’t want to tell you.I mean how would I know if you had feelings for me. Or maybe you’d want someone closer to your age.I was just..it was just easier not to tell you in case you didn’t feel the same. At least then we’d still be friends.”

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Derek allowed himself to be tugged down and he shifted to wrap his arms around Stiles and press close to him. “More or less,” he agreed. He pressed another kiss to Stiles’s jaw, humming softly. “So, for dinner tonight, want me to cook or want me to take you out?” he offered with a soft grin.

He let his eyes close and a soft hum escape him. He was so relaxed, Soft in Derek’s arms. And then there was the matter of Derek kissing at his jaw. “You’d cook for me?” He asked with a soft grin of his own. “I’d love for you to cook for me.”

Keeping Distance| Derek&Stiles



Derek smiled a little as he listened, pleased that Stiles agreed. And he agreed with his reasonings against a movie. He wasn’t much a movie person generally, anyway, so that was okay by him.

"Fair enough." His smile grew a bit at the offer and he gave a soft chuckle and a nod. "I could eat," he agreed. "Anywhere in particular you want to go?"

Maybe he was over thinking this. Maybe they could go see a movie and sit politely and watch. But Stiles wasn’t so sure he could keep his hands to himself in that kind of situation. “Good.” He said with a grin. “Hmm…i’m fine with anything.Even if we just went for a burger or something. What about that diner?”



"…do you…do you think if one of us jerked off if it’d just take care of the problem for both of us?" It isn’t like the beta version of Stiles really wants to be considering it. Really. It’s just that it popped into his head unbidden and now he can’t stop thinking about it, like a dog fussing with a bone. He blinks languidly and then squints at the ceiling. “I mean, you got me drunk by proxy…”

"I…" he pauses and blinks several times as if he’s processing the strange idea. "I…don’t think so. I mean. I think the other would just….feel it. And get more worked p. I don’t think the other would get off just ‘cause the one of us—the first one of us i mean got off. I think our ‘by proxy’ only works for some things."

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