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Stora AU ─ Internet Sensation
Stiles finds a mysterious video on his dad’s computer: security footage of an abduction from outside Beacon Hills High. In his attempt to show Cora what he had found, he mistakenly sends her a video he made of himself singing to Spice Girl’s Wannabe. 




He was rushing from the campus. A sigh passing his lips. He had a stack of papers in his hand, looking like they could fly out of his grip any minute. It’s not like he was bad at school. But trying to switch to a normal life, a normal schedule. Nothing trying to kill him or the people he cared about. It was strange. He didn’t know how to do it.  He was carding through the papers in his grip. His attention definitely not on where he was going. And suddenly he was colliding into somebody the papers spilling all over the side walk. “Shit.” He muttered dropping down onto one knee. “I’m sorry man I wasn’t paying attention.”


It was funny, Mason saw the papers flying before he registered someone had walked into him. It didn’t really hurt but the other guy wasn’t a sack of marshmallows either. 

"It’s fine." Mason gave a knee-jerk response, taking a second to look the guy over. Not bad. He knelt down to help him scoop up the papers, stacking them in a haphazard handful. “I know my good looks can be distracting, so really I should apologize.” 

He obviously hadn’t even looked at the guy. Considering he ran right into him. But if he had he couldn’t say he wouldn’t give him a second look. He was definitely attractive. Though he seemed to be painfully aware of that fact. Which wasn’t always a turn on, he’d met guys like Jackson Whittemore who knew far too well that they were good looking. 

But there wasn’t the same level of assholery, at least not on first impression. Amber eyes lifted to the other boy, a look that was half incredulous and half intrigued passing over his face. “Really?” He asked lifting a brow at him. “It looks like you have an enormous ego to go with those good looks.” He teased with a wry grin. 




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