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I’ve been seeing a lot of appreciation posts going around on my dash for the past couple of weeks and I don’t think I saw anything for Scott; and while I am aware that there are blogs dedicated to setting specific weeks to certain characters and that there are character-specific blogs (like this one), I still wanted to branch out and give this a try: an appreciation week for Scott McCall because even though he is the main character of the show, he still doesn’t receive as much (positive) recognition as he deserves.

So, for an entire week starting on August 31st (Sunday) through September 06th (Saturday), SMcCallDaily will be accepting submissions and any (positive) post related to Scott McCall. The type at which the post is can vary, meaning: the post can be a gifset, a fanart, a graphic, typography of a quote he said, fanfic, etc… It can be anything as long as it’s McCall positive.

  • Submitting links is also acceptable to any posts on your blog that you would like to share is allowed.
  • Tagging ‘smccalldaily’ with Scott-related edits is also acceptable.

I hope people participate in this. And if anyone has questions, please let me know!

So..I have a doctors appointment today that’s stressing me out. Not just the appointment but how i’m getting there and back. And just a lot of things about today make me really anxious and uhg.

Wah i want to be home and curled up in bed. ZERO sleep last night


"Mmmm.” Scott makes a thoughtful sound of consideration, pressing his lips together as he raises his eyebrows, as if to show how much attention he’s giving Stiles’ explanation of his libido. His thumbs don’t quite stop moving over the points of Stiles’ hips, even covered with cloth as they are. “Would you hate me if I took advantage of your extremely high libido?”

This is what he wanted, what he’d been missing in that time where he’d been forced to lay on the hospital bed and pretend he was more sick than he was, more injured than he was. He’d missed the connection between himself and this human braced above him, his wolf had felt restless and unhappy and possessive, like some internal part of him was worries that Stiles could still have been injured in the brief moment that had left him with a bullet hole in his lung. He gives a quiet sound of protest when Stiles rocks backwards and out of his reach.

"Like this." He decides, sliding his fingers up under Stiles’ shirt as he goes. "I want…like this. Slow and sweet. You and me. Mom’s shift doesn’t end until later and, I just—"

He lifts his brows almost mirroring the wolf’s expression, imitating the sound as well but with a questioning tone at the well. “Mmm?” he chuckled softly leaning in to kiss his jaw again. “I might be mad if you didn’t take advantage of my high libido.” He teased with a sly grin. He wanted to say something about how he could never hate Scott. But he didn’t want to dredge anything up. He didn’t want Scott to think about anything of that sort.

He was honestly surprisd he hadn’t ended up crawling into the hospital bed despite the looks from the hospital staff or the tubes or the machines connected to him. He just needed the closeness again. He needed this. Even if he’d had Scott back, he was still just out of arms reach. But not now. Now there was no distance between them and that was the way he liked it, needed it, 

Even though it was quiet, he managed to catch the noise as he moved just a bit from his reach and he couldn’t help but smile softly. His eyes flutter slightly as the wolf’s hands slide up under his shirt and he sighs a soft noise of contentment. He loved what Scott suggested, more than that it was exactly what he wanted. He decided to shut Scott up by kissing him, cutting his words off. He drew out the kiss, letting his emotions seep into the kiss.Even if he kept it slow and sensual. Sliding a hand up his jaw. After a moment he pulled back leaning in to press his forehead to his. “I know. That’s what I want too. We’ve got all day.” he leaned back sliding his hands up under his shirt letting his fingers slide over his abdomen. 

How are you all still alive? // I heard you scream in the tunnels at Oak Creek.