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Admitted in the hospital overnight. So no teen wolf for me tonight unless i get my laptop if my stay is extended.Also probbably no replies unless maybe i try hopping on my kindle. Wah there”s things 9 really want toreply to but mer. Hope i’ll be home soon.

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ER away..wish me luck.

pain again so being miserable and watching Castle.

teen wolf/stydia AU → some time has passed after the events with the nogitsune. since Malia became a part of the pack, she has been spending a lot of time with the Stilinski boy. their excuse is that Stiles is teaching Malia how to act human. these days Lydia is craving him much more than she would like to admit. one day in math class, Lydia tries to unknowingly watch the two and Danny being the observant guy he is, confronts her but the strawberry blond brushes it off like nothing happened. after that Lydia looks back at that cute dorky face, their eyes meet and she feels something stronger than she ever felt before. Lydia quickly tilts her head and stares at the ceiling, thinking "Lydia Martin, is it possible that you’re really in love with Stiles Stilinski?"

and you said you’d always have my back oh but … || curlyfriesandsarcasm



Even as a werewolf, coming out from under anesthesia is like trying to find the surface in a dark pool of Vaseline. Or maybe it isn’t, usually; maybe his body is still operating on the last known orders his mind gave it, trying valiantly to surrender to human frailty and human mortality when it comes to things like gunshot wounds to the chest. It isn’t that he wants to die, exactly, but Scott is so determined to make sure Stiles has a happy, long life ahead of him, and if he has to sacrifice himself to make sure his evil alter ego never surfaces again—he’d do it. He’d do it over and over and over again if that’s what it took to make Stiles happy again. It was an acceptable sacrifice after how much he’d messed everything up.

He knew he was on painkillers, but even as he surfaced Scott could acknowledge there was pain beneath the drugs that he should have been feeling, a tightness in his side from stitches holding the skin together. He can’t quite count them but he almost feels like he can. Still, when he breathes in, lungs filling with the too-sweet oxygen-rich air from the respirator, Scott can feel that both lungs fill. He concludes that he must be in the hospital post-op. His pulse tries sluggishly to spike when his muddled brain realizes this means his mother must know he’s been shot.

That becomes less of a concern, however, as Scott becomes aware of the runaway timpani beside him, louder and deeper and more a visceral part of his attention than any of the bleeping, squeakingT monitoring machines. He recognizes it immediately, and tries to smile—it’s Stiles. Stiles’ heartbeat, strong and well even if it’s an unhappy timber. It’s Stiles alive, Stiles not laying on the hospital bed. It’s a worthy trade. He almost lets himself drift back under the cloak of the residual anesthetic in his system.

Except Stiles is speaking, and even half-delirious Scott can’t find it in himself to do him the disservice not to listen. He tunes his hearing to the rough-edged pattern of the human’s words and realize that it’s also Stiles in pain. He thinks he can remember the last time Stiles sounded this scared, this heartbroken. It was in a hospital room not a lot unlike this one, with Stiles’ mother unresponsive on the bed. Scott suddenly finds himself tumbling through half a dozen memories or more of the time just after Claudia’s passing, how small and broken Stiles had seemed, how scared Scott had been that Stiles was never coming back from the place he’d gone away in his own head. He remembers that fear, and he realizes with a downward lurch to his heart that if his job in life is to keep Stiles from pain, he’s doing a lousy job of it.

Which settles it. Scott struggles back to consciousness, forcing himself to push back the residual effects of the drugs in his system. He claws his way back to a place where he’s seated properly in his body, exerting sheer force of will until he can first flicker his fingers and then tighten them, weakly, around Stiles’ own. Scott breathes heavily for a few seconds and then he’s rolling his eyes open to try and fix them on Stiles’ face. There’s a flare of red before they settle back into his usual chocolate-brown. “Hey.” There’s still a little wheeze to his voice, and Scott wonders if he’s just going to have to sit this injury out like anyone else would. “Hey. It’s—it’s not your fault. Okay?” 

The fingers tightening about his own.surprises him so much he almost lurches backward in the hospital chair.But he manages only to let out a surprised noise that almost sounds like a whimper. But now both hands at tightening about the other boys hand. “Scott?” He says his voice weak and full of trepidation. Like he couldn’t believe it. But amber eyes stayed trained on the other boys face. Watching as his eyes opened  and he saw the flash of red spark in chocolate and he felt a sigh of relief pass his lips. 

But then Scott speaks and his throat suddenly feels tight and he gives a rough shake of his head “Scott. I shot you. They want to question me and investigating and—yeah. That kind of seems like my fault. It is my fault. And I mean maybe this..maybe I did something wrong. Maybe that’s why you keep…disappearing. I don’t know. I’m just so sorry, Scott. I just..I don’t know what to do.Just tell me what to do.” 

He bends down resting his head on Scott’s hand.  Squeezing his eyes shut.

Surprise Prom Date || Derek&Stiles



Derek chuckled at the reassurance and nodded slowly. “I look forward to hearing all of those stories,” he replied, giving the other’s hand a gentle squeeze. He couldn’t help but bring it up for a soft kiss too.

"Just a few more minutes," he assured, welcoming the kiss to his cheek. He loved how easy this was, how they could be together with so few complications. They meshed together near perfectly, and he had to say, he really liked how their first time meeting in person was going. It probably couldn’t have been much better than this.

As promised, minutes later he was pulling into the driveway of the restaurant and parked in an open spot as close to the door as he could. “And here we are,” he hummed as he slipped out of the car, and keeping with his gentlemanly behavior of the night, moved around to open Stiles’s door for him as well.

He couldn’t help but keep amber eyes trained on the other. As if, if he was to draw away his attention Derek might just up and disappear from the car. But then he was squeezing his hand and lifting it to his lips. Which made his heart give an uptick in his chest. He hummed giving a nod and a gentle sigh. 

"That’s fine." God he sounded like he was on cloud nine. If it was anyone else he’d probably be nauseated by them. But he was happy so he really didn’t care. It just felt too easy. Like there had  to be an upset. But he was glad there wasn’t. He was glad he could ride with Derek exchanging banter and laughter. It was kind of perfect the way they complemented each other.

He was ready to clamor out of the camaro. But Derek was there before he could. And he gave him a slight look before smiling. “Thanks. But you don’t have to open doors for me.” He said leaning up to peck a kiss to his lips. Before grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the restaurant.



Derek hummed as those long fingers traced over his skin and he arched into his touch. He always missed Stiles’s touch and his scent the most. They could talk, hear each other’s voices, see each other’s faces, but it was nothing like being in person.

He let a hand slide down Stiles’s thigh before dragging his leg up and around his waist. He pressed closer to the other, but broke their kiss, lips trailing down Stiles’s jaw.

He gently nipped at the soft skin of the teen’s throat before starting to suck just above the collar of his shirt. He couldn’t help himself, his wolf needing to mark Stiles when he could. And he always took advantage of their time together like this to dot that beautiful pale skin with hickies and love bites wherever his lips landed.

 It was incredible how in two seconds flat he could go from having a normal conversation with Derek. And then they were like this. Kissing each other like they needed one another to breathe. All lips teeth and tongue. He continued to shove the shirt further up his back. But not moving to remove it yet. That would have broken their kiss. And for the moment he had no intention of doing that. 

He hummed against the older man’s mouth as he felt that hand creeping down his thigh.  He gave a little gasp as his leg was wrapped around Derek’s waist. But he quickly recovered from his surprise. Wrapping it’s twin around his waist at all. He gave a soft gasp as the kiss broke. Instantly tipping his chin upward and exposing the long length of his neck.

If it was anybody else he may feel differently about hickies. Not wanting his dad to catch on to how intimate they were. But with Derek when he eventually had to leave? It was something tangible. Where he could trace his fingers over the indents of his teeth. Not to mention the soft breathy moans it pulled from him as lips worked further downward.

Strange New World| Scott&Stiles



Scott grinned widely when Stiles agreed to his plans. “Great. I look forward to it.”

"Yeah. It has had a run of bad luck lately," he mentioned nervously. But his stomach sank. From his words, it would seem that Stiles had already lost his mother. His father was the only parent that he had left. And he had come here to work as the Sheriff. With all the attacks in town, it is not hard to see that the town’s Sheriff is likely to get hurt at least one time. But he couldn’t let that happen. He was meant to protect this town, he had to. He wasn’t about to let the Sheriff getting injured or worse.

They were right outside their class when Scott stopped and put a hand on the other’s shoulder. “He will be,” he promised. Stiles may not know that it was a promise he was making, but that doesn’t matter. He would try his hardest to protect the Sheriff. It’s a few moments before he let his hand drop and nodded towards the classroom. “This is us.” 

Scott started walking towards the class when he realized that there was usually one seat that was empty in it. The one beside him.

The grin on the human’s lips was undeniable. And he could only duck his head in a nod. “I’m really looking forward to it.” he said honestly.

Though brows did pull together as he watched the other boy. Stiles had always been perceptive. And there was something almost guilty that flashes across his face. Maybe guilty. No..not guilty but responsible. It was a strange look for a teenage boy to get when talking about the town’s troubles. But he nodded softly. “So I saw.” he said with a hum. But he was still contemplating  the look on Scott’s face. 

His eyes rounded softly at the assurance and he smiled softly. Lifting a hand to cover Scott’s on his shoulder. “Thanks..” he murmured softly. “Huh?” He blinked in surprise.  right…class.  He followed into the classroom and plopped into the empty chair.  ”Thanks for…all your help.” He said with a small smile



Scott craved to hear those pleas, and maybe it was his Alpha said playing in to this more. But he couldn’t help it. His instincts and such were heightened every since eyes had went from gold to crimson, especially when it came to Stiles. “Mmm, I do like when you beg.” The wolf hummed as he nipped again, then another time before he was moving to strip them. Any clothes left? Gone, boxers ripped because he couldn’t wait to get that last bit of fabric off. Curling a smirk on to his lips, pressing a kiss to Stiles own before head dipped down. Kissing and sucking a mark there against the curve of his hip. “So is that what you want, Stiles? Face in the pillow, feeling every inch of my cock with the slow drag until you’re quivering with even more need than you are now?”

This was an entirely new side of Scott. Not one that he minds in the least but a new side still. The alpha is taking control of the situation and more or less staking his claim on the human. Something akin to a whimper left him and for once he didn’t have a retort. Only writhing under the other boy. A gasp leaving him as boxers were torn way. “I really…really don’t care Scott. I just need you. Like right now..fuck.” But then Scott continues and a shudder moves down his spine. “O-or that. That could be really really good.”